Department of Civil Engineering / Civil Engineering Course

dobokuAs the aim of the department is to foster civil engineers that create regional planning, maintain infrastructures, protect the environments and prevent disasters, students will learn the properties of structures and their foundations, rivers and coasts, and ecosystems.

Department of Architecture / Architecture Course

kenchikuIn consideration of the importance of safety and comfort of people in society, students will study a variety of subjects such as urban planning, house planning, building environment, building equipment, building structures, building materials & construction, historical architecture and architectural design.

Department of Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Course

kikaiSince the curriculum of the department lays emphasis on the basic mechanics, students will learn not only fundamental mechanical subjects such as mechanical drawing and design, mechanical materials, fluids engineering, thermal engineering, energy conversion, etc. but also advanced subjects such as robotics, biomechanics, etc.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

denkiStudents will develop their understanding in the key subjects of electromagnetism, electrical and electronic circuits, semiconductor devices, power engineering, signal processing, mechatronics, communications and information systems engineering with a firm grounding in mathematics and physics.

Department of Chemical Biology and Applied Chemistry / Chemical Biology and Applied Chemistry Course

seimeiStudents will learn the synthesis of chemical substances, analysis of the physical properties of these substances, and their processing and applications in a wide range of fields such as life, environment, universe, materials, and energy.

Department of Computer Science / Computer Science Course

johoStudents will develop their skills necessary for information processing, as well as general education, logical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and the ability to handle advanced information systems, with an emphasis on the foundations of programming.


Researchers’ Database

Nihon University has constructed a database of research results by dedicated instructors, and made them public on its Website. Thus, it makes efforts to use researchers’ data well. This enables you to search for research data by researchers not only in the College of Engineering but also in the whole university.
* The data in this database is entered by researchers, and therefore, it does not contain all the research results of this university.

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