LOHAS Engineering

What is LOHAS Engineering?

New perspectives in engineering are indispensable for sustaining an affluent society. These perspectives consider the challenges of the effective use of limited natural resources, which is essential for the future of our world. LOHAS (“Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability”) offers a fresh insight into how we might meet these challenges. We call engineering which will enable us to live a LOHAS life, “LOHAS Engineering.”

We promote “LOHAS Engineering” in order to study and develop an engineering approach that sustains such lifestyles. LOHAS engineering is an integrated academic platform for research and education adopted by the College of Engineering, Nihon University to contribute to the health and sustainability of our society.

Utilizing the LOHAS engineering platform, we conduct various research and development projects to provide students with practical and sustainable development education.

The concept of LOHAS containing the subsets of “Life Innovation” and “Green Innovation,” has been applied to our education and study since 2002 and continues to guide us in developing methods of engineering that aim to sustain health, society and the environment.